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Terms and Conditions

Sizing/ Fit Guarantee

If you receive your dress and you are not happy with the size or fit of the garment, simply return it in the  pre-paid addressed return envelope and return to any yellow Australia Post box (for Express Mail) or at any Australia Post retail outlet.

For a refund of the full hire price (less $40 for postage and handling costs), the garment must be returned in the same condition that we provided it to you in.  Specifically:

The tag that is attached for the purpose of identifying unworn returns is intact;
The dress has not been soiled by makeup, fake tan or any other matter;  and
The dress has not been damaged in any way.

Please remember to complete the customer survey, as the information you share on the size and or fit of the garment may help us give all of our clients (including you!) the best advice about our range of stock.

Period of Hire

When you add your garment to the shopping bag you will need to indicate the event date, the calendar will then automatically select the day before and after this date to allow for one day for you to receive it, one day for you to wear it and a third day for you to return it!

Our standard hire period is therefore three days with day one being when you receive the dress and day three being when you are required to return it to the correct Australia Post box.  If you hire period ends on a Sunday or a Public Holiday, don’t worry just return it to the correct post box the next business day.

At the checkout you will be asked to enter your delivery address postcode.  This will allow our system to know how many days to block out before and after your event date to account for delivery to you and return to us (it is based on whether or not your postcode is in Australia Post’s Next Day Delivery Guarantee Network).

Please contact us to discuss rates for extended hire.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is included in the price of all garments.

We specifically request that you do not use your own dry cleaner or attempt to clean a garment yourself.

If you have soiled, stained or damaged a dress we ask that you note this on your Customer Survey, including details of how the stain or damage occurred (including the staining substance) so that our dry cleaners can attempt to remove the stain or repair the damage.  If the dress is not able to be cleaned or repaired we refer you to our Damage and Loss Policy.

If we have received feedback from other customers that a garment required a professional press / steam prior to wear (due to creasing in transit) then we will advise you of this by way of a notation at the description of that garment on the website.  Please factor the cost of this into your choice to hire or not, as this cost is not included in the hire price.

We request all our clients to never attempt to iron the garment yourself.

Delivery & Returns

The cost of delivery and return is included in the hire price listed for each dress.

Where you hire an item or bundle of items that does not include a women’s dress, such as a womenswear accessory (including for example a clutch or necklace, or a men’s tie or pocket square, or a children’s wear item) a delivery and return fee of $30 will be added at the checkout.

We will primarily use Australia Post and may provide you with the tracking number for your garment upon sending it to you.  Similarly, we will be able to track when and where you have returned the garment.

Email Reminders

We will email you a reminder to return the dress on the morning of the return date of the dress.  This reminder service is a friendly courtesy, and is not to be relied on by you in any way. Failure to provide you with an email reminder on the return date will not discount or remove any late fees incurred by you for late returns.

Late Fees

Failure to return the garment on time will incur a late fee of $25 per day.  We will automatically debit the accrued applicable total from your credit card or PayPal account every four days until the dress is returned.  We will notify you by email or text after each debit has been made.

If you have lost or damaged a dress the best action is therefore not to not return it as you will incur both late fees and the cost of the recommended retail value of the dress (in line with our Damage and Loss Policy below).

Clients will not be held liable for any delays resulting from the fault of Australia Post or other service providers engaged by Well Chosen.

Damage and Loss Policy

If you have lost the garment and are unable to return it to us please advise us as soon as possible.  You will be charged the Recommended Retail Price of the garment.

If you have stained, soiled or damaged the garment do not attempt to clean or repair it yourself or to take it to your dry cleaners.  You will be charged the applicable late fees for the delay and we will not be able to assess the true nature of the damage.

If the garment is not able to be repaired or cleaned to our satisfaction, you will be charged the Recommended Retail Price of the garment.  We will then provide the garment to you for your use as you wish (you may choose to wear or re-sell it in less than perfect condition).

We will contact you by email to notify you of our decision to charge you the Recommended Retail Price of the garment prior to debiting your credit card.


Bookings can be made four months in advance.

All bookings must be finalised by completing the check out process on our website.

Your credit card or PayPal account will be debited the full amount at the time of booking the hire.  If you are owed a refund for return of unworn stock, we will refund the balance due to you within 48 hours of the garment being returned to us and assessed as being in good condition and unworn.

Cancelled Orders

If you would like to cancel your order please email us at and we will do so.

If your cancellation is at least 10 days prior to your expected delivery date we will issue you with a refund of the value of your order less a $25 administrative fee.

If your cancellation is between 10 and 3 days prior to your expected delivery date we will issue you with a credit note less a $25 administrative fee.

If the cancellation is within 72 hours of the expected delivery date we will issue you with a credit note for the value of your order less a $50 administrative fee.