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Legal and Privacy Policy

Online Secure Ordering with National Australia Bank

Well Chosen Pty Ltd process your online order utilising the latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology.  You will need to submit your credit card details through our website to utilise this method of payment.  The NAB receives and conducts the transaction.  No credit card information is seen or stored by Well Chosen Pty Ltd.  The NAB payment gateway provides a receipt number for your transactions that is separate to the receipt you will receive from Well Chosen Pty Ltd for your hire.

Is it true that no credit card information is seen or stored by us?  I thought that if someone damaged a dress information was retained that would let us debit it again?

Privacy Policy

Well Chosen complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) to protect your privacy and any personal information that we collect in offering our services to you.

Collecting your Personal Information

In order to join our membership program and benefit from our services we need you to provide the information requested on our Membership Application.

Storing your Personal Information

Your personal information will be stored on our business systems.  We will endeavour at all times to keep this information secure and safeguarded in order to protect your privacy, using products and procedures recommended to us by our website developers.

Using your Personal Information

We will use your personal information to make contact with you in the ordinary course of carrying out our business.  Such situations where we may utilise your personal information include but are not limited to:

  • To respond to and facilitate your request for information and provide our services, including hiring or buying items from Well Chosen Pty Ltd and managing your membership account;
  • To assist us to develop new products and services and grow our client base (you will be provided with an “opt out” option in such communications);
  • To offer you new products and services that we believe may be of interest to you (you will be provided with an “opt out” option in such communications) and including the administration of promotional programs;
  • To contact you to amend and update our client records where necessary

If you would not like us to use your personal information to contact you, please use the “opt out” option provided to you or contact us immediately and we will endeavour to comply with your request.

By completing and submitting the electronic Membership Application to us we will take it that you agree to and consent to our gathering, storing and using your personal information, so long as we comply with the relevant laws.


Disclosing your Personal Information

In using your personal information in the normal operation of our business your personal information may be passed on to:

  • Our agents, contractors and service providers (including Australia Post) who assist us to provide our services to you; and
  • Third party providers employed by us to provide us with strategic and business advice.


Where possible in the circumstances outlined above, we will remove your personal identity from the information that is disclosed, so as to protect your privacy.  This may not always be possible or practicable.

Where we are required to pass on your personal and private information as required by law we will comply with that directive.

We will delete personal information that we are no longer required to store by law or for normal business purposes.


Your Personal Information Enquiries with Well Chosen Pty Ltd

To contact Well Chosen Pty Ltd to access your personal information, request us to delete or amend it, or make a complaint about our use or storage of it you can contact:

Lucy Percy by email:

We will respond to your request as soon as we reasonably can.



Legal Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are made up of all of the information provided to you in the policies available to you on this website, including but limited to the webpages titled “Terms and Conditions” and “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Legal and Privacy Policy”.  By completing a transaction at the checkout you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and Policies and acknowledge that they may change from time to time.