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Delivery & Returns

Delivery and Returns

The cost of delivery and return is included in the hire price listed for each dress.

Where you hire an item or bundle of items that does not include a women’s dress, such as a womenswear accessory (including for example a clutch or necklace, or a men’s tie or pocket square, or a children’s wear item) a delivery and return fee of $30 will be added at the checkout.

We will primarily use Australia Post and may provide you with the tracking number for your garment upon sending it to you. Similarly, we will be able to track when and where you have returned the garment.


Email Reminders

We will email you a reminder to return the dress on the morning of the return date of the dress. This reminder service is a friendly courtesy, and is not to be relied on by you in any way. Failure to provide you with an email reminder on the return date will not discount or remove any late fees incurred by you for late returns.


Late Fees

Failure to return the garment on time will incur a late fee of $25 per day. We will automatically debit the accrued applicable total from your credit card or PayPal account every four days until the dress is returned. We will notify you by email or text after each debit has been made.

If you have lost or damaged a dress the best action is therefore not to not return it as you will incur both late fees and the cost of the recommended retail value of the dress (in line with our Damage and Loss Policy below).

Clients will not be held liable for any delays resulting from a fault of Australia Post or other service providers engaged by Well Chosen.

Delivery and Returns FAQs

What if my rental period ends on a Sunday or a Public Holiday?

Do not worry, you won’t be charged a late fee.  Simply return the garment in the correct Australia Post Box by 5pm on the next business day.

How long does the dress take to arrive to me, will it arrive on time?

The hire period starts on the day that you wish to receive the garment. We ask for your postcode at the time of booking this date into the garment calendar so that our system knows whether your garment needs to leave us one or more days prior to that date (depending on whether your postcode is in the Australia Post Guaranteed Next Day Delivery Network).

We will always ensure we have allowed enough time for the dress to arrive to you in time.  You can assist us by having your hire period start two business days prior to an event rather than one.

In the very rare event that a dress does not arrive to you on time, please notify us and we will verify your claim by checking the tracking code of the delivered parcel.  Whilst we will not be held liable for any damages or loss resulting from a garment not being delivered on time we will refund you the full cost of rental that you paid to us.

Can you deliver the dress to my home, work or hotel?

At the checkout you should ask us to deliver the garment to whatever address you will be at on day one of your hire period.  All parcels require a signature on delivery, so if you are not at home you should instruct us to send it to your workplace or make some other arrangement with us.

Whoever is present at the address is able to sign to acknowledge receipt of the parcel on your behalf.

If no one is able to receive the parcel you may need to arrange with the courier re-delivery of the parcel, this will be at your own expense.  If the service provider we have engaged is Australia Post they parcel may be returned to the nearest post office where you will be required to attend to pick it up.

Please be aware that the four day rental period begins on the day that delivery to you was first attempted.

How do I return the dress?

When you receive your garment it will be packaged with care instructions, a customer survey and a reply-paid and addresses return envelope.

Simply re-pack the garment in the box in which it came, place in the return envelope and deliver it to an Australia Post counter or an Express Post Mail Box (these are yellow rather than red) by 5pm on or before the last day of your hire period.

We will notify you by text or email once it has been received by us.